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With 9.2 Million New Jobs, the United States Posts Biggest Gain in 10 Months

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The United States Labor Department's survey shows that a record number of jobs were created in May, recording the biggest gain in 10 months. 

Yet, job applicants aren't applying to fill these roles, as companies are failing to find candidates for the roles that they’re hiring for.

The number of jobs in May increased from 9.19 million to 9.21 million, while 3.6 million Americans voluntarily resigned from their jobs, indicating a drop of 2.5%.

There are multiple factors at play here. 

First, the United States has an abundance of Covid vaccines. 

A total of 333 million doses have been administered in the United States so far. 

This has led to the economy re-opening & gaining momentum.

And after the country finally opened back up, and consumer demand has grown faster than companies can keep up with. 

This has impacted the hiring ability of companies in the United States. 

To attract job applicants, companies are being forced to raise pay and offer hiring bonuses.

Didomi, a French Startup in Customer Consent Space, raises $40 Million 

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Customer consent is a big deal today, especially after the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) became a law. 

Recently, a French startup Didomi, raised $40 million to expand their consent management services to the United States. 

Venture capital firms like Elephant and Breega took part in this Series B funding round of Didomi.

They have done quite well managing consent flows in Europe, having managed billions of consent interactions for web developers and app developers (their target core customer).

Didomi's co-founder and CEO Romain Gauthier commented on their successful series B fundraising stating, “Jawad, Raphaël and I have co-founded Didomi to make privacy easier for everyone and an obvious choice for companies. This fundraising is a major milestone on our journey to deliver on this mission.”

He further added, “We look forward to helping brands and publishers make customer journeys more transparent and trustworthy through a delightful consent and preferences management experience.”

TikTok Turns to Automation to Moderate Content in the United States 

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TikTok will use automation for the content moderation process in the United States instead of relying on human reviewers. 

The automated reviewing system will automatically check for violence, graphic content, illegal activities, nudity, sex, violation of minor safety policies in the United States and Canada.

If the automated system flags any video for such content, the video will be pulled down immediately.

But the content creator will have an option to request a review from a human moderator.

To date, TikTok relied on human moderators to review videos in the United States. 

TikTok's employees would decide if the video met TikTok's policies or not. 

The aim behind this change is to limit the number of distressing videos a human moderator has to review daily. 

But once automation takes over, human reviewers will have more time to focus on videos spreading misinformation, as these videos need a proper review and will be harder to be picked up by any automated/AI driven tools.

Just to put some numbers behind this. TikTok took down 8,540,088 videos within the first three months of 2021. 

Yes, you read that right! 

It's a humongous figure.

And a major suck on people resources.

A New White House Executive Order Will Restore Net Neutrality 

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A new executive order was unveiled in the White House this week, aimed at promoting competition across a variety of industries in the country. 

One of these industries is the telecom sector. 

It was during the Trump era when net neutrality rules were scrapped, 2015 to be specific. 

In total, 72 different initiatives will be aimed at curbing predatory & monopolistic behavior in the industry and promoting competition.

One of these provisions will target the telecom sector and urges the FCC to bring back net neutrality.

The 2015 net neutrality rules played a crucial role in preventing telecom giants from abusing their power and position to gain an unfair advantage.

I personally believe that once net neutrality is implemented again, it will turn out to be a game-changer for the millions of Americans suffering because of broadband and some cable/telco giant's monopoly. 

The U.S. Treasury Yield Bouncing Back, Easing the Concerns Around Global Economic Slowdown 

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On Friday, the U.S. Treasury yields bounced back, easing the concern that the global economy is slowing down. 

Many feared that a global economic slowdown was imminent, considering the drop in yield for the last couple of months. 

At 4:00 p.m ET on Friday, the 10-year Treasury note yield was up by seven basis points to 1.358%, whereas the 30-year Treasury bond, too, was up by seven basis points to 1.988%. 

The uptick in the yield comes after a considerable drop in yield that brought down the 10-year yield to 1.25%. It was a huge shock for the equity markets.

The rising number of Covid cases due to the delta variant turned out to be a rather moot point for the treasury yield. 

It is also crucial to mention here that though the yield is better now compared to the last week, they pale in front of the yield rates in March when it reached 1.78%.


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