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YouTube Shorts now Available Globally to Compete Against TikTok 

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After launching YouTube Shorts in India last year, it was made available in around 26 countries, including the United Kingdom and the United States. 

Now, YouTube has rolled out its YouTube Shorts, which continues to remain a beta program, globally. 

YouTube announced that YouTube Shorts is now available “across more than 100 countries around the world where YouTube is available.” 

Google’s Ecosystem is YouTube Shorts' Trump Card!

The key advantage that YouTube shorts have over its rival TikTok is Google’s ecosystem. It will help Google make YouTube Shorts a key player in the shorter video platform space.

Recently, Google made it possible for YouTube Shorts creators to use audio from YouTube videos. 

Now, they are looking for ways through which YouTube Shorts creators can add links from YouTube videos they used to create their videos.

Isn't it a bit ironic that YouTube is mimicking TikTok by rolling out a shorter video format? TikTok, on the other hand, is going YouTube’s way by rolling out videos up to 3 minutes long. 

Valued at $1 Billion, Remote.com Raises $150 Million to Help Companies Hire Globally

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Pandemic has changed how employees work. The once-coveted work from the home model has become a norm, and even bigger companies have realized the benefits of allowing workers to work remotely. 

Remote.com is a startup that caters to companies hiring remotely worldwide.

Recently, the company raised $150 million at $1 billion.

In an interview, the co-founder of Remote.com confirmed that they raised $150 million. It is a series B funding round for Remote.com and led by Accel. 

Other investors participating in the funding round are Two Sigma, Sequoia, Index Ventures, Day One Ventures, and General Catalyst.

Interestingly, Remote.com owns all its infrastructure, unlike many other startups competing in this space. 

The recent funding that Remote.com raised will enable it to expand into more markets. 

Currently, the company offers its services in 50 countries, but it aims to reach 80 countries by the end of this year.

Virginia Continues to be the Most Business-Friendly State in the United States 

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As the pandemic in the United States is slowing down, business is picking up in the country. Many new businesses will look to expand to other states. 

Now, the question is, which state will capitalize on rebounding economy and improving business climate? If rankings are of any indications, Virginia has a lot to gain. 

After all, Virginia continues to remain the top state for business in the country. Recently, Virginia topped CNBC's 2021 competitiveness rankings just like it did in 2019. 

This win is Virginia’s fifth since the ranking was published for the first time in 2007. Interestingly, Virginia is the only state that has scored back-to-back wins in CNBC's competitiveness rankings. 

The state's win in 2021 is testimony to Virginia’s potential as the country's business hub.

It is to be noted here that due to the pandemic, CNBC did not publish the competitiveness rankings list in 2020. 

France Penalizes Google With a $593 Million Fine for Failing to Sign a Deal with News Publishers

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Recently, French antitrust regulators hit Google with a $593 million fine for failing to sign a deal with news publishers in the country to host their news content on Google’s news platform.

Google received the fine after failing to comply with a decision that French regulators came up with in April 2020. 

The regulators asked Google to negotiate a deal within two months for using news snippets from news publishers on its Google News platform. 

The French regulator has also set a penalty for the search engine behemoth if it fails to negotiate a fair deal with news publishers. The fine was set at $1 million for each day of delay.

Will Google Appeal Against the Fines?

Google reported its disappointment on the fine and said they are already discussing a fair deal with Agence France-Presse (AFP), the French news agency. But they did not provide any timeline for it.

All is not lost yet for Google as they still have time to appeal against the fine. But it isn't clear if Google will appeal or not.

Sotheby Hong Kong Sells a Rare Diamond for $12.3 Million in Crypto! 

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Sotheby, a leading arts and jewelry brokerage firm, is carving a niche for itself in the crypto space. 

It is already a big name in the NFT space, and recently, the iconic firm accepted an entire payment of $12.3 million in crypto for a rare diamond. 

The sale of a rare diamond for $12.3 million by Sotheby makes it the most expensive gem anyone bought using cryptocurrencies. 

The news about Sotheby auctioning a rare diamond called Key 10138 became public in the second half of June. The diamond's name pays homage to the private keys common in the crypto industry.


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