👀 Whatsapp Launches ‘View Once’ Mode

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Whatsapp Launches ‘View Once’ Mode

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The newly rolled out ‘View Once’ feature will delete photos or videos from your chat after you have opened it. 

All you need to do is tap the 1 button on the left of the Send button. However, the recipient will see that it’s a disappearing photo or video and, therefore, is not entirely screenshot-proof. 

The feature was in its beta stage for almost a month after Mark Zuckerberg announced its potential arrival. 

Whatsapp believes that this feature would prove beneficial to send sensitive information, like passwords. Whatsapp also has a disappearing messages feature, which keeps a message as long as a week. 

Internet Tech StartUp FullStory Raises $103 Million

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FullStory is a tech startup that helps fix the issue of Rage Clicks. 

While browsing through websites, mobile applications, or any other screen-based interactive interfaces, we often do not find the things we need and things that we do not need keeps popping up.

This is precisely the scenario FullStory helps publishers to fix. 

The startup has now raised US$103 million from its series D round of funding. The round was led by Permira’s Growth Fund, a fund that has invested in startups like Klarna and Nexthink.

Like FullStory, these two startups also focus on customer experience. 

Other existing investors that have decided to continue to this round include Kleiner Perkins, GV, Stripes, Dell Technologies Capital, Salesforce Ventures, and Glynn Capital. 

Including this oversubscribed round of more than $100 million, FullStory has raised $170 million to date, taking the valuation of the company to $1.8 billion.

According to data provided by FullStory’s founder and CEO Scott Voigt, the company has nearly 3,100 paying customers at present, and its revenue has witnessed a 70% annual increase this year, compared to the previous one. 

The customers of FullStory cater to a diverse range of industry verticals, including retail, SaaS, finance, and travel. Peloton, the Financial Times, VMWare, and JetBlue are some of FullStory’s well-known clients in the market. 

FullStory will invest its newly infused funds in R&D, bringing more real-time intelligence into its products. 

Eviction Ban Remains Effective Till October 3rd

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While close to 11 million Americans remain behind the deadline on their rent, the CDC has issued a new federal eviction moratorium, keeping the surging Delta variant in mind. 

The eviction ban will stay effective till October 3rd in all areas that are experiencing high levels of coronavirus infections. 

According to estimates, the ban will apply in most parts of the country, covering around 90% of the renters. 

The original eviction ban issued by the CDC had expired on July 31. 

The Supreme Court’s reaction to the ban remains to be seen as it had ruled earlier that the eviction ban could only be renewed through legislation. 

However, on the positive side, states and cities will get some more time to disburse the $45 billion in rental assistance that Congress has already approved and only US$3 billion of which has been distributed so far. 

Pay Mortgages With Crypto, New Spanish Bill Explores Possibility

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A new Spanish bill, yet to be passed, aims at allowing property owners to pay their mortgages with crypto. 

Moreover, it also intends to authorize the real estate sector to utilize its crypto for mortgage purchases in the country. 

The People’s Party of Spain has introduced the bill. 

The People’s Party wants to legalize the use of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology for mortgage and insurance. 

It also wants Spanish Banks to leverage blockchain technology and smart contracts to manage their mortgage and insurance. 

It also wants to bring in major tax-break provisions and patent benefits for Spanish crypto and blockchain companies. 

In more specific terms, the bill plans to activate a 90% cost reduction for local tech innovation startups when they pay the required patent and registration fees to the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office. 

Finally, the bill also aims at setting up a National Crypto Asset Council, involving representatives from the Directorate General of the Treasury, the National Securities Market Commission and the Bank of Spain, to create public advisories on crypto assets and blockchain.


🎓 Facebook Bans Academics: Alleging that the academics involved in the NYUAd Observatory have violated Facebook’s terms of service by scraping user data without permission, the social media giant has banned the accounts of the researchers who were looking to advertisement-transparency issues on the platform.

🍏 Apple Redesigns Online Store: After remaining down for nearly an hour, Apple has emerged with a brand new look for its online store and a dedicated tab on its top-level navigation.

🛒 Binance Brings Bitcoin to Shopify: Binance Pay’s partnership with crypto-fiat hybrid payment platform Alchemy Pay would now enable its users to pay across merchants of Alchemy Pay’s partners, including Shopify, Arcadier, QFPay and more.


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