Court Puts Epic vs. Apple Ruling on Hold ⚖

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Court Puts Epic vs. Apple Ruling on Hold ⚖

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An appeals court has reversed a September ruling that required Apple to open the App Store to external payment processors.

With this decision, the tech giant can still maintain its IAP system as the only source of in-app payments on iOS, regardless of the district court’s earlier ruling that the exclusive arrangement is illegal.

The ruling, which was issued on December 8, does not reverse the earlier ruling; however, it puts enforcement on hold until the appeals court can fully hear the case, a time-consuming procedure that may take months.

Remarkably, the court’s ruling does not extend to the second part of the injunction that deals with user communications outside the iOS. 

In particular, the court had ordered Apple to allow communicating with its customers through points of contact obtained voluntarily from customers through account registration within the app. This order will remain unaltered by the ruling.

Additionally, Apple will also have to be in line with its agreement with the Japan Fair Steering Commission, which imposed similar limitations on iOS outside the context of the Epic case.

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