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Incremental Action, Clubhouse, Notion Bar & Lessons Learnt From Selling 1000+ Businesses

It’s Sunday!

Going forward, I think I’m going to move this newsletter to Sunday evening, so you can all browse as you’re relaxing, prepping for the new week.

And to be 100% honest, I’m getting too tied up during the week to put out quality Friday morning… so let’s see if this works for both of us!

Also - I’m going to start uploading some more walkthroughs and tutorials on my YouTube channel.

The interviews from my Podcast are fun (and I’ll keep doing them), but I think a review of tools and strategies I’ve used for my sales & marketing teams would be helpful!

If you want me to review some new tech, or walk through anything (sales or marketing), let me know and I’ll put a video together.

Anyways, here’s a quick list of what’s coming up.

  • 📈 Sales: Incremental Actions

  • 🔊 Marketing: Welcome To The Clubhouse

  • 💻 SaaS Of The Week: The Notion Bar

  • 🎧 Other People You Should Listen To

  • 📚 Other Things You Should Read

  • 🧠 #ScottsThoughts: Write Your Own Story

📈 Sales: Incremental Action

Leverage the power of incremental action.

Every single day (at the end of your day or on lunch) pick five companies.

Huge companies companies you think you could never sell to.

Find the email of the CEO or a C-Suite executive.

Find news about the company.

Send an email congratulating the executive on the news you just found out.

You're not trying to pitch them you're trying to build a relationship.

Many won't respond… but if even one does… bingo.

That could be the start of a relationship that could literally change the trajectory of your year (or company, if you’re smaller).

You can use this strategy to book high profile podcast guests, find a life changing job opportunities, or a variety of other “Hail Mary” opportunities, that may be a long shot, but are never impossible.

The magic of this, is that after doing this for roughly 261 working days in a year x 5 high profile contacts per day… you’d have reached out to +/- 1305 high level, executive contacts that you normally wouldn’t have had the chance to chat with.

Small actions every day = massive results.

🔊 Marketing: Welcome To The Clubhouse

Just in case you weren’t content with the 50+ different social media apps we already have and the constant draw on our attention/demand for new content, the new year gave us a present we didn’t know we needed.


What in the world is clubhouse?

It’s an invite only, audio only, mini-podcast platform. (currently available for iPhone only)

So how does it work?

Well, it’s audio only.

People create rooms based on topics, and invite people into those rooms if they have an interest in the room’s topic.

There’s moderators for each room, and the moderator can allow people who are hanging out in the room to chat, one at a time.

What this allows for, is a moderated, live conversation about various topics, with subject matter experts and specialists in particular fields.

What makes this platform so interesting, is that to really build a following on the platform, you need to speak in these moderated groups, which means that major influencers and thought leaders are joining groups and participating live, in real time conversations.

For some of the individuals you get to speak with, it would normally cost $$$$ to get this kind of intimate access.

We’re talking everyone from Gary Vaynerchuk to Marc Andreessen to Kevin Hart.

The one drawback is the major time commitment it takes to listen in on group conversations, understand the nuances of the conversation and finally get nominated (a chance) to speak.

It can take hours out of your day, so definitely approach this app with caution, and make sure you don’t let it take too much of your day, if you want to enjoy the access & conversation.

Remember, if you want to dominate at social media, you don’t NEED to hop on every single platform and try and be effective everywhere.

Choose the platforms that you enjoy the most, for personal or for business use and spend your time on those.

PS. If you have an invite… make sure to give me an add (I just signed up).

Let’s chat! 👇 (@scottdclary)

💻 SaaS Of The Week: The Notion Bar

If you’ve followed my content for some time, you’ll know that I speak a lot about productivity hacks / tech that can help you build systems and make your life 10x easier.

I’m super excited to have stumbled upon the @thenotionbar by @fro_dera.

What is The Notion Bar? 
Not your typical Notion Blog? Aesthetic Notion tips + templates + pop tech culture +  activism + adulting + productivity(ish).
What is Notion?  
Notion is the lego of digital tools. Using 'blocks', you can create your dream productivity tool, notebook, portfolio, dream board, second brain, planner - whatever you want!  

There are some absolutely beautiful, incredibly useful templates for a variety of use cases. If you’re a notion nerd, or if you’re just getting started, I would definitely recommend checking out The Notion Bar here OR here for a great repository of both free and paid notion templates.

🎧 Other People You Should Listen To

This week, I sat down with Michelle Seiler Tucker (Founder and CEO of Seiler Tucker Incorporated). She holds a M&AMI (Mergers & Acquisitions Master Intermediary) title and as a 20-year veteran in the M&A industry, she has a wealth of experience regarding buying, selling, fixing, and growing businesses.

Her and her firm have sold over a thousand businesses in almost every vertical and have a remarkable track record of success.

She goes deep insight into building a sustainable, scalable, and sellable business.

📚 Other Things You Should Read

Why SMS Marketing Should Be in Your Mix Right Now By Tabitha Jean Naylor

Can Inbound Marketing Replace SEO? By Tad Chef

Case Studies Help Your Customers Imagine Their Future Success By Caelan Huntress

The Salesperson’s Guide to the Soft Sell by Lestraundra Alfred

How Embedding YouTube Videos On Your Blog Backfires By Tad Chef

🧠 #ScottsThoughts: Write Your Own Story

Forget everything you’ve ever been told….

You don’t need to fit into any mold or follow any path.

Just focus on being yourself and doing what makes you excited.

Actively do the things that make you feel alive.

Most people who get into business and don’t make it, get into business for all the wrong reasons

Everything you need to know about success can be summed up with two words: focus & vision.

Success is a choice you make today, not a chance you hope for tomorrow.

Before you take a job, start a venture, embark on a side hustle.


Self evaluate.

Sometimes you have to step back, look at yourself, and ask: ‘Who do I want to be? What do I want my legacy to be?’ Look ahead and use every opportunity that comes your way to build something that will inspire and fit the vision you’ve set for yourself.

You have to be really strong in who you are, where you come from, and what you represent before going out in the world.

Have convictions.

The way you think about yourself will determine the success of what you do.

Stay grounded and encourage people around you.

Know your north star metric.

Write your own story.

Anyways, that’s it for now.

As always - feedback is always appreciated.

Feedback on the content - what you liked & what you didn’t.

If you email me - I will try my best to email back, even if it takes a few days.

Have an amazing week!

- Scott ✌️

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