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17 Copywriting Tips, Overcoming "No Budget" Objections & No Code Website Building

Welcome back!

This is my first email since mid December, and boy did 2021 start off… horribly (except if you’re hodling).

At least we still have 2022?😬

Just some housekeeping as we enter the new year.

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Here’s a quick list of what’s coming up.

  • 😱 Sales: We Don’t Have Budget

  • 🎯Marketing: 17 Tips For Great Copy

  • 💻 SaaS Of The Week:

  • 🎧 Other People You Should Listen To

  • 📚 Other Things You Should Read

  • 🧠 #ScottsThoughts: Work Against The Algorithm

😱 Sales: We Don’t Have Budget

When you're prospecting for new clients, their budget shouldn’t be an obstacle.

You have to make it seem like they cant afford to not have you working for them.

This is one of most difficult topics that sales reps (or freelancers) have to deal with and I constantly see individuals left scratching their heads, dazed and confused, when a client ghosts them or tell them they don’t have budget for the solution.

It seems like an insurmountable objection, I mean.. if they don’t have money… how can they buy?

You can’t magically get them money to spend with me… or can you?

@SamanthaMcKenna (, says it best….

Like Sam says, it’s your job to find out how to find budget, unlock budget, reinforce the pain, and qualify early on.

The biggest mistake you can make is to be ignorant of the fact that budget will come into play at some point. Educate your customers early on that this will be something they have to address so that deals aren’t delayed or lost after you’ve spent days, weeks or months working on them.

Remember, not everyone “knows” how to buy, so your job is to make it as easy for them as possible and give them all the information they’ll need to bring a deal to close.

Also - while you’re at it, make sure to connect with Sam on LinkedIn and go to her website where she’ll release some short videos and content on all things sales!

🎯 Marketing: 17 Tips For Great Copywriting

One of the best marketing resources I’ve ever come across is @GoodMarketingHQ or Marketing Examples. If you’re on #marketingtwitter, you’ve probably stumbled across his content, which is some of the best, actionable content you can use to improve your marketing, copywriting, conversion etc.

In this thread, he’s put together 17 tips for great copywriting, and he does an excellent job of showing the before/after to juxtapose the basic/improved dichotomy of mundane vs. excellent copy.

Go follow him on twitter or subscribe to his newsletter.

💻 SaaS Of The Week:

I’m a big fan of the no code movement, mostly because I’ve spent hours (without any formal training) trying to build things, with code and spending hours learning, and building when I really wanted to be focusing on product, marketing and selling.

I have no issue with people that do code, as no code tools are not at the point where they could ever replace an engineer or developer, but the no code movement enables motivated entrepreneurs to build without the need for technical co-founders.

Today’s product that I want you all to check out is a no code website, ecommerce, membership site builder. This is the perfect starting point for entrepreneurs who want to start their own thing without investing and hiring technical talent.

Unstack's content marketing platform is designed to help you rapidly build, measure, and scale digital presence without code, developers, or headaches. Here’s a few clips of the UX. 👇

🎧 Other People You Should Listen To

This week, I’ll be a bit selfish.

Merged Media invited me on their podcast to chat about….

- Social Selling
- LinkedIn
- Outbound Sales
- Cold outreach
- Personas / ICP

We covered a lot and it was a great chat. They’re incredibly smart marketers and if you’re running any sort of sales campaigns (especially learning how to sell on LinkedIn), I think you’ll get something out of this!

📚 Other Things You Should Read

6 Ways to Improve Your Demo Close Rate Guest Post By Aja Frost

4 Things I Learned During My First Year in Sales By CT Chancelor

7 Simple Ways to Acquire New Customers By Tabitha Jean Naylor

Six Direct Response Copywriting Tips (and Examples) Guest Post By Caroline Forsey

🧠 #ScottsThoughts: Work Against The Algorithm

If you’ve watched the Netflix hit, “social dilemma”, you’ll know how deadly social media algorithms can be.

They essentially create an echo chamber of likeminded individuals re-validating and reinforce similar points of view and ideas as you’re own, making it very easy of falling into a trap of only seeing posts and content that reflect and reinforce our ideas.

In 2020, we’ve seen how dangerous that can be.

In 2021 I want to challenge you to do something different.

I want to challenge you to follow people that you don’t agree with.

Follow people that force you to think....

Social media becomes less toxic when it challenges your view instead of agrees with it.

Work against the algorithm if you want to use social media for good.

Anyways, that’s it for this week!

Hopefully your second week of 2021, goes a little bit better than the first.

- Scott ✌️

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