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What a week!

  1. The Superbowl.

  2. Jeff Bezos stepping down as Amazon CEO.

  3. Elon musk, taking the up the mantle as the “Richest human to ever exist”.

I was hoping my newsletter would be the highlight of everyone’s week, but alas… Elon, Jeff & Brady beat me to it.

I guess there’s always next week. 😞

This is what’s coming up.

  • 🤝 Sales: Why You, Why Now

  • 🚫 Marketing: Shadow Bans

  • 💻 SaaS Of The Week:

  • 🎧 Things You Should Listen To

  • 📚 Things You Should Read

  • 🧠 #ScottsThoughts: There Are No Gurus

🤝 Sales: Why You, Why Now (WYWN)

For many of us, whether you’re an SDR, AE or entrepreneur, one of the most difficult things we do on a daily basis is to sell.

The difficult part, (for most) doesn’t lie with nurturing a customer who fits your ICP (ideal customer profile) / Persona, and bring a deal through to close.. but rather, getting the attention of new prospects.

Cold outreach.

Sending an email or making a phone call and having an executive who’s already swamped with work, give you the time of day to let you pitch them your product.

These executives get hundreds of emails, linkedin messages and voicemails every single week.

Simply put, the typical cold-calling methods we have been taught don’t work.

How do you stand out?

The answer is Why You? Why You Now? (WYWN)

What is WYWN?

The “Why You, Why You Now” strategy was originally created by sales guru, Jeff Hoffman.

The premise of WYWN is to not only connect, but to create meaningful urgency when reaching out to your prospects.

I want to dissect a real life example of a master class in sales email-ship (is that a word?) from SalesLoft CEO, Kyle Porter.

He displays a perfect WYWN sales email.

The following example is discussed in more detail, here (

A little bit of context.

Kyle Porter, (SalesLoft CEO) sent these emails after meeting a prospect from Influitive at the SiriusDecisions Summit.

1. Get The Email Opened

How can an email be effective if the prospect doesn’t even open it.

There’s a variety of subject lines that you can use to increase an open rate, but nothing increases an open rate, quite like something personal about the prospect.

In this case, Kyle pulled a sentence directly from the prospect’s online bio:

This is where Kyle got the info on the Influitive bio page:

Although this isn’t difficult, it shows with 100% certainty that the email isn’t automated (super important) and it’s going to stand out in the sea of 100+ other emails that Emmanuelle (the prospect) received that week.

2. Why Should She Care?

Now we have a successful open, but we need to follow it up with something equally as good.

Kyle led with a compliment in the first two lines of the email.

Immediately after complimenting the prospect, he transitioned into the value prop that SalesLoft provides, focused on keeping it casual and conversational, removed jargon and prompted a CTA (call to action) with a date (Wednesday 6/4).

The goal was to be simple, to the point and relatable.

3. Reinforce The Human

After simplifying the value prop and next steps, Kyle reinforced that he was, in fact human with one more personalized note in the post script.

Emannuelle (prospect) sent Kyle’s email to her entire sales team as an example:

When sales is done right, everyone wins.

Kyle did all the right things, and engaged in a friendly back and forth and showcased SalesLofts value without coming across as ‘sales-ey’.

Ultimately it was a pleasant, win-win experience for both the seller and the prospect.

Take notes.

This is the only way you should do cold outreach.

🎯 Marketing: Shadow Bans

If you’ve ever noticed engagement drop on your social channels, your follower account slow or perhaps your photos or content not showing up in your followers feeds you’ll probably hit the internet, and stumble upon the term “shadow ban”.

Shadow banning is generally understood to be the secret censorship of a person, topic or community on social media.

Twitter is the only social media platform that has publicly stated they engage in any sort of “banning” or censoring behaviour against their users, going on record stating that they had begun filtering out abusive tweets on its platform by applying a sort of temporary “time-out” for any user who breaks their terms of service.

This is a rather explicit ban and Twitter informs users when they’re placed in “Twitter Time-Out”.

This is slightly different from the accepted definition of a shadow ban, which insinuates that a social media platform purposefully inhibits your reach to mitigate or punish any sort of behaviour that’s deemed to be “spammy” or runs contrary to their terms of service.

Let me set the record straight on this.

Shadow bans have never been acknowledged by social media platforms, and although many social media experts will lay out step by step guides on how to get your account out of a shadow ban, I’m here to tell you it’s all bullsh*t.

Now, before I tell you why you SHOULDN’T be concerned with shadow bands, let me address a few important facts.

Instagram, has acknowledged hashtag issues in the past, and that is a real thing.

Also, you can be explicitly banned on platforms, and social platforms have no problem telling you if you’ve been banned or if you’ve been limited.

They can range from account limitations…

To outright, account bans…

However any time a social media platform doesn’t like what you’re doing, they will have no problem telling you that they don’t like what you’re doing and shut you down.

There is no benefit to a social media platform, to ban you in ‘secret’.

“But Scott, if you’re telling me that shadow bans aren’t real, why is my engagement dropping???”

Unless you are using one of the few individuals who deems to post inappropriate photos and uses banned hashtags (which go against community guidelines), for the 99% of us who are just regular users, if your content isn’t getting any reach - your content just sucks.

I know it’s hard to hear, but the majority of content, especially b2b social content is simply just uninspiring and lacks true understanding of what type of content stops new individuals from scrolling on their social time, stop and engage.

Here are the only rules for social media, that you need to be aware of.

  • If you don’t post at least 1x a week, you will probably be forgotten or ignored.

  • Shadowbans don’t exist, your content probably just isn’t that great.

  • If you’re only selling your product and not providing value - people won’t engage with your content.

  • Always use a social media platform’s newest features - that will give you the most organic reach.

  • If you purchase fake followers, you’re setting yourself up to fail. Why? Because ever social platforms algorithm works like this. You post something, the social platform shows that piece to a small subset of your following, if they engage and interact, the social platform will show it to a larger subset of your following as well as some individuals who aren’t following you. If your audience is all bots (fake), they won’t engage and your post won’t get reach.

  • Automation, if aggressive - will usually get your account limited, or banned. If you use any tools, make sure they’re approved by the platform and use open api’s.

  • Test different kinds of content… if something isn’t working - try something else.

  • Include a CTA prompting engagement. Ask a question, ask for opinions. Although shadow bans do not exist, posts with no engagement will never do well. The more people that comment, share and engage with the post, the higher the organic reach. It’s always best to get a discussion going.

I know there will be some social media guru’s who disagree with me on this one, but just try some of the tips I mentioned above, and see if that doesn’t fix your “shadow ban”.

💻 SaaS Of The Week:

I stumbled onto when I was looking for an email marketing tool that stopped sequences when a prospect replied back.

This is one of the most useful features in any email tool, and I enjoy using it with Hubspot, but they limit the amount of people you can add to sequences at a time (50), so it becomes cumbersome.

Little did I know that I’d stumble into something, extremely useful for a variety of different reasons.

Not only is it a great emailing tool…

Look what else it does.

… I’m EXTREMELY happy I discovered this.

Definitely worth a try (no affiliation).

🎧 Things You Should Listen To

Thank you @vaishalilambe​ for inviting me on the SoLeadSaturday podcast to chat about Marketing. Branding & Leadership!

A podcast I personally enjoyed is a recent episode of Marketing School with Neil Patel and Eric Siu. Short, succinct and to the point - they quickly cover 4 major marketing mistakes that will save marketers tons of time, energy and stress - out of the gate.

📚 Things You Should Read

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🧠 #ScottsThoughts: There Are No Gurus

The earliest mistakes I made in my career was to assume that one person knew all.

I would bombard one manager with every single question about career & business.

Then, I discovered the world of business influencers.

I learnt all marketing from one person, sales from another etc.

The thing is, even the most experienced individuals don’t have all the answers (even in their own domain.)

One of the most useful things you can do as a leader, is to learn and listen to the most creative, vibrant and junior individuals on your team.

People who’ve done it a certain way, their entire career, may be right 80-90% of the time, but what about that last 10%?

Ideas & insights from those who aren’t as experienced may end up working out, or teaching you something.

Learn from inspiring people & uninspiring people.

Learn from senior people & junior people.

Learn from good experiences & bad experiences.

Instead of waiting for the perfect mentor, start learning from different people to help you excel in different parts of your life

No one person is your guru, but you can learn something from everyone.

Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses.

The key is to open yourself experiences, gain insight, learn and optimize.

Wherever those experiences and lessons come from.

Anyways, that’s it for this week!

Enjoy the Superbowl (I know I’m sending this during the super bowl), so either you really love my newsletter, you hate football or you’ll see this Monday morning.

Regardless, have an amazing week.

- Scott ✌️

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