#3 ROI Overload

Set Yourself Up To Lose The Deal (Is The Election Over Yet?)


I feel like waiting for this election to finish, is everyone’s super bowl.

Especially since we haven’t had real sports in 8 months+.

I definitely didn’t expect that when I’d be writing this newsletter, the election would still be going on.


Anyways - I hope this serves as a useful distraction from the 24/7 CNN election stream.

Here’s a quick list of what’s coming up.

  • 😕 Sales: Set Yourself Up To Lose The Deal

  • 🚀 Marketing: How to Setup a Brand Online, for FREE, in 1 Hour?

  • 💡 Leadership: Impact/Effort

  • 💻 SaaS of the week: Profile Pic Maker

  • 🎧 A few other people you should listen to: Success Story w/ Dan Martell

  • 📚 Other things you should read: The Empathy Edge

  • 🧠 #ScottsThoughts: Stop Reading So Much.

😕 Sales: Set Yourself Up To Lose The Deal

The single biggest mistake I see people make, when they’re trying to sell anything is that they get too comfortable.

Face it, prospecting is hard. When we find a customer who’s willing to buy it’s tempting to take the foot off the gas, and focus on the shiny (paying) object.


Set yourself to lose the deal.

When you’ve built a business (or funnel) that’s 100% dependent on your next customer closing, to keep the lights on…

Or you’ve built a funnel that requires you to close every single deal, in order to keep your job…

You’re setting yourself up for a risky, and stressful time.

You need to set yourself up so that you’re more than ok to lose the deal.

Why is this important?

  1. If you don’t have a strong pipeline filled with deals, you’ll compromise anything to close the deal on the table. (Time, Energy, Revenue, Profitability etc.)

  2. Your clients will sense how desperate you are, putting you in a subservient position, giving any negotiation power to the client.

The second you need the clients money more than they need you, your service, or your product, you’ve lost everything.

The ability to flip this on it’s head and say “no” to unreasonable client demands is an absolute superpower in the world of sales.

How do you make sure you don’t fall into this trap?

Set up systems that force you to continuously prospect and bring in new leads.

Whether it be automation, strong brand, paid traffic, or time blocking prospecting hours, force yourself to set up systems early on that maintain constant funnel and pipeline growth.

That’s the secret to stable, sustainable, repeatable, predictable and non-stressful, sales & business growth success.

🚀 Marketing: How to Setup a Brand Online, for FREE, in 1 Hour?

This is by far, one of the most succinct guides on how to build a brand. At a high level, this seems massively complicated, but the reality is, it really doesn’t have to be.

“How to Setup a Brand Online, for FREE, in 1 Hour?” is a very impressive article by @ivyleaguehustler on medium.

Too many entrepreneurs, side hustlers, influencers 😜, have trouble really defining their niche, target customer, product market, and brand.

This helps clarify it.

Stop trying to take on the world.

Overcome shiny object syndrome & focus.

Here’s how to do it effectively.

For free.


(Why don’t you support medium embed @substack!)

💡 Leadership: Impact/Effort

Sometimes we forget the most simple rules the second we have a little but too much on our plate.

It seems so obvious, but I see tons of people (very tenured executives miss the mark on this all the time).

The more responsibility you have, the more things you’ll always have on your plate.

In fact, if you don’t have TOO much on your plate, that’s probably a warning sign.

That’s where the Impact/Effort matrix comes in handy.

Here’s a quick reminder…

What’s the easy way to decide what to do? Stick with the top right quadrant.

Trust yourself to do the highest impact/hardest thing.

Again and again.

Ruthlessly delegate everything else.

You may say, “but Scott, how do I know what top right is?”.


You know.

You always know.

So shut up, and do it.

Print this off chart off and stick it on your wall and plan your day in accordance with that top right quadrant.

Thank me later.

💻 SaaS of the week: Profile Pic Maker (pfpmaker.com)

A simple product, but oooh so useful. I found it on product hunt.

Essentially, it lets you make an awesome profile picture from literally any photo with zero design skills or technical ability.

It replaces Photoshop, Canva, and remove.bg for profile pictures, and really does most anything you could need to do with a profile picture.

Here’s a little demo.👇 (pfpmaker.com)

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November 4, 2020


🎧 A few other people you should listen to.

I normally wouldn’t plug my own podcast but this week it’s appropriate, given the audience that probably reads this.

I sat down with @danmartell.

Dan Martell is an award-winning Canadian entrepreneur, top angel investor, founder of SaaS Academy and CEO of Clarity, Flowtown and Spheric Technologies, mentors at least a half-dozen Technology Accelerator events, runs the biggest Youtube channel for SaaS entrepreneurs in the world. He served as a former adviser to billion-dollar SaaS companies like Intercom, Hootsuite, and Udemy.

In 2012, he was named Canada’s top angel investor having completed over 33 investments with companies like Udemy, Intercom and Unbounce. He is an investor in 40+ startups.

Marketing. Sales. Entrepreneurship. SaaS. Demand Gen. Growth Marketing.👇

📚 Other things you should read.

Empathy is an absolute necessity for businesses.

Especially in 2020, when everyone is a little bit more stressed, and on edge, than usual.

This book speaks about how empathy should be woven into your culture, brand, growth and leadership strategy.

A great read, and applicable for companies of all sizes.

Grab It On Amazon (Affiliate Link)

🧠 #ScottsThoughts: Stop Reading So Much.

Stop reading so much.

If you learn something useful, try it.

Don't look for more.

More is not always better.

You don't need to read 1000+ articles on a topic.

It's impossible to process that much information.

Stop consuming in excess & start creating.

That’s a wrap. Hopefully the election will be over by my next newsletter, but with the way 2020 is going….


Have an awesome weekend y’all.